Waleed Samy
      Software Developer
      E-mail, Github, Linkedin, pgp
      Resume available as Google docs
      Phone: +49 176 43541638
      Skype:  waleedsamy907
      Berlin, Germany

      1. Profile

         Build software for +6 years using Scala, Node.js and Java. Which allowed me to
         gain experience in developing applications using imperative/object oriented and functional styles.

      2. Technical Skills

          Programming: Java, Javascript and Scala.
          Technologies:  J2EE, Spring Framework and Node.js.
          Database: Mysql, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Apache Solr and Redis.
          Operating Systems: Linux (Debian or Redhat Based), MacOS.
          EveryDay Tools: Eclipse ,Netbeans, Junit, Git , Maven, Virtualenv ,pip ,mocha ,chai and Grunt.
          Methodologies: OOP, Design Patterns and Microservice Architecture.
          Utilities I use: Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, prometheus, fluentd, Kubernetes, Apache Nginx, GlassFish and Apache Tomcat.

      3. Professional History

      3.1 June. 2016 - Till Now		Traffics GmbH

         You build it, you run it, is the way we fellow in Traffics to deliver software.
         We adapt 12factor app methodology while building microservices and applications
         using languages like Scala, Node.js. Running and scaling these microservices is achieved by using technologies
         like docker, kubernetes, ELK stack and prometheus.

      3.2  Mar. 2015 - May.2016		SAND / Ubicall

         Part of team who heavily use Agile and XP to deliver highly scalable web applications
         based on microservices architecture using technologies like J2EE(JSF 2.x, EJB 3.x, JPA, JMS),
         spring framework, nodejs and Angularjs.
         Forked NODE-RED to deliver customized IOT
         components and developing our own VoIP and call center solutions based on FreeSwitch and Asterisk servers.
         Use javascript to build rich front end with Angularjs and Nodejs/Express to serve our REST Apis.
         Keywords like Apache Solr, Mongodb, Redis, Test Driven, BDD, Travis, Docker are everyday language.

         Play with Scala, Akka, Spark, Mesos, Docker most of my free time.

      3.3  Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2015			Siliconexpert an Arrow Company

         Delivering and enhancing solutions which deal with searching inside many terabytes of
         data using wide range of technologies such as Apache Solr, Spring Framework, JPA,
         GWT, JSF and Servlet which heavily depend on Hbase, MySql and Oracle as backend storage.
         Participate in developing Arrow REST API which serve more than 5M request per Month.
         Managing and set up OpenAM cluster as SSO solution in top of siliconexpert.

      3.4  Mar. 2013 - Apr. 2014 			Ferrycode

        Use J2EE and Apache Solr to develop web-based editorial management tools for newspapers,
        news agencies, media houses and content providers and publishers to manage, audit and
        revise their content with their own designed editorial workflow.

      4. Languages

        Arabic: First Language.
        English: Professional working proficiency.
        Deutsch: Elementary proficiency A2.

      5. Education

        Bachelor of Computer Science, Faculty of computer science and information systems, Mansoura university, 2011.
        Graduate Project: Handwriting OCR using Rough Neuro.